Recent studies show patients can save by not using their insurance when filling their prescriptions. But when? And how?


A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that patients can often save on prescriptions by using a prescription discount card rather than using their insurance.

For 20 commonly prescribed generic medications, they found that patients with private insurance would save by using a leading discount card. 

Patients can also save by going to a cheaper pharmacy and not using their insurance, per a recent study by The Wall Street Journal.

Zytiga, a widely prescribed prostate-cancer drug, can cost 35 times as much when purchased using private health insurance. The Journal found that Cigna can charge $4,195 for a month’s supply of Zytiga while Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company charges $118 a month for the generic version. 

That’s $4,000 per month in savings by using a different pharmacy. The potential savings for a more informed patient can be a significant amount. 

But, how can a patient know when to use their insurance versus a discount card? With 88,000 pharmacies in the United States, how can a patient know which one near them—or perhaps one that is able to ship to them—has the best price?

EverydayHealth recently described the challenge: “Exactly how much people might save depends on a lot of variables, including the exact insurance plan they have, what drugstore they use, and which medicines they take.”

RxLink is an easy-to-use tool that allows patients to understand their options. Using each patient’s specific medications and insurance, RxLink creates a MedMapTM that conveys simple, actionable information on where and how a patient can receive the lowest out-of-pocket cost. Each MedMap™ accounts for the following information:

  • Potential discount card savings, including savings available across multiple existing discount card programs like GoodRx
  • The patient’s current insurance coverage and co-pay
  • Best pricing for all medications considering multiple pharmacies—including lower-cost mail order options like Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company
  • Manufacturer-supported patient savings programs

And, each MedMap™ provides clear instructions to the patient and to the pharmacy team on how to apply any discounts!

While RxLink partners with health systems and employers to provide patients with simple ways to save, it’s not just about saving money! Health systems can also see improved patient compliance and better outcomes. Health systems can also offer RxLink as a new benefit to their employees to improve their health while improving perception as their employer and reducing turnover through improved employee satisfaction.

There are many available options to help patients better afford their medications, but they are difficult to navigate for most patients. RxLink is here to solve that precise issue with a single, simple solution. 

E-mail us at to discuss how RxLink can help you as a health system, employer, or even a patient!