There is a saying that “patients don’t take medications that they can’t afford,” we agree; however, given the available programs in market, we more strongly believe that patients don’t use affordability programs that they are unaware of.

RxLink removes the friction and confusion for both patients and providers by conveniently presenting all the available programs, automatically after the patient encounter with ZERO additional effort required.


Help patients advocate for themselves and take control of both their health and wealth


Help patients understand that there are many options to help them afford their medications


Reduce provider workload by automatically connecting patients with the best medication affordability programs for them

How We Help Patients

RxLink puts patients first. We believe that you can make the best decisions for your health and wealth only if you have all the necessary information, at the right time. That’s where our MedMap is comes in.

Based on your insurance, medications and preferences, the Med Map distills a complex universe of all medication savings options to provide you with a summary of your personalized savings options.


  1. Login to GoRxLink.com
  2. Review your Med Map™
  3. Show your pharmacist your personalized Med Map™ and save
How We Help Providers

Physicians and healthcare providers are tasked with making complex clinical decisions.  They don’t have time to fully understand an individual patient’s financial situation,  the rising cost of medications, the myriad of therapeutic  alternatives, and current formulary status for each therapy.

RxLink exists to give providers a platform to automatically and intelligently empower the patient with the information they need to make an educated financial decision about their health journey and, ultimately, adhere to what they were prescribed.

How we benefit providers: 

  • Lower out-of-pocket costs = higher medication adherence = better patient outcomes
  • Prescriber efficiency in identifying the best Rx offer and copay program
  • Reduced workload on office staff with patient support program steerage
  • Better patient experience by providing patients something of value and saving them $
  • Support system revenue stream by driving Rx fill volume to health system pharmacies
  • Claims data integrations provide visibility into use of Rx card (fills vs non-compliance)

A growing number of companies are succeeding in connecting with patients across the care journey to drive better outcomes.

Digital health companies can access RxLink’s API to surface value-add medication savings to existing patient engagement products with minimal effort.

Create additional value and revenue for your company and your customers

  • High-margin revenue on top of existing patient communication program implementations
  • Value-add service to customers and their patients at no additional cost
  • New use cases with customers drive upsell opportunity and stickiness
  • Extend patient engagement beyond episode of care (monthly fills on chronic Rx)
  • Support customer branding and goodwill with your patient population
  • Lightweight integration and fast to market
Payers & Employees

Increasing adherence through member engagement is an important focus for payers to generate significant top and bottom line growth. Members are just as focused on minimizing their out-of-pocket costs and RxLink is changing the game in how to educate your members.

RxLink can educate members on applicable formulary data within the context of their prescribed therapy. This informs the patient of their coverage and builds an avenue toward an educated conversation with their provider to have informed conversations on preferred treatment alternatives which save all parties more money, improve adherence and create healthier members.

Physician and Caregiver

“As a physician, I was not aware of all of the options available to me as patient and caregiver. This process saved me $700 on refilling an EpiPen by instructing me to remove my commercial insurance and pay cash with a generic savings coupon”


“My prescription went from $100 to $650 and I didn’t know why. RxLink explained my formulary had changed and provided me with options. My doctor signed me up for a similar medication that cost me $0.”


“I had to pick up a Scopolamine patch for my mom, which was over $200 at the small retail pharmacy. Here, I found out that I could pick up the same product at Walmart pharmacy for $14.”