RxLink is the single point of integration between digital health companies and the highly complex medication affordability landscape. 

We help our partners, and their patients, by simplifying the prescription savings options available and presenting them in an understandable way. With so many options and confusing variables like insurance coverage and policy changes, it’s difficult to identify the best option for each patient and prescription. RxLink surfaces a personalized Med Map™ for every patient, and provides easy access to the data through an API for providers, patients, and our partners. 

We decided that the process around finding and using medication savings programs should be easier to navigate, so we decided to do something about it.


Become the ‘Waze’ of healthcare by helping patients navigate the ever-changing, disparate, and complex landscape of the current American healthcare system.

Translation: Start in Rx, but grow to include medical services, becoming the first true personalized intelligence engine and healthcare navigation platform.


Demystify complex pharmaceutical pricing models to empower patients with information that impacts both their health and their wealth.

Translation: Escalating costs of medications is not a static problem, therefore a static solution isn’t sufficient. We are aiming to be the first dynamic and convenient medication GPS system.