Adult Asthma Sufferers Miss 14 Million Workdays a Year. RxLink Can Help Keep Employees Healthy and Working

Cost Of Asthma Treatment

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates the total economic cost of asthma in the United States to be $56 billion a year, including 14 million missed workdays. 

A November 2023 study showed that  10% of asthma patients have either taken less medicine, skipped doses or delayed filling a prescription to save money. 

Some asthma patients are becoming sick by trying to save money. RxLink has a better way. 

For the almost 24 million asthma patients in the United States, meaningful reduction in the cost of their asthma medication with RxLink can drive better compliance and fewer missed workdays.

Because asthma symptoms are sporadic and unpredictable, a patient’s typical day may not be impacted by the condition. This causes many patients to become non-compliant on maintenance therapy. It’s even easier to skip doses when significant cost is a factor.  

A typical monthly course of asthma therapy can cost over $320 per month…
but a patient can save over $2,000 a year using RxLink

The National Institutes of Health guidelines on the treatment of asthma include several different approaches based on the severity of asthma and the effectiveness of previous treatment. A standard approach for a severe but not uncommon case is as follows:

  • A daily high dose combination of inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) with a long acting beta antagonist (LABA), such as Advair or Breo Ellipta
  • An oral steroid, often Prednisone
  • An inhaled short acting beta antagonist (SABA), typically Albuterol, for management of asthma attacks or exacerbations

A monthly cost for a typical combination of these drugs at a retail pharmacy was $324.54 in a recent analysis. Using RxLink discounts resulted in a cost of $176.75 at the same pharmacy. That’s a monthly savings of nearly $150 a month.

RxLink can also save patients thousands on newer biologic treatments

An entire new class of biologic treatments for asthma is providing new treatment options for many patients with the specific eosinophilic type of asthma. Fasenra and Dupixent are two examples, each with a monthly cost into the thousands of dollars. 

RxLink not only can provide substantial discounts on medications like these—saving over $4,000 per month on Fasenra—but also provides information on manufacturer savings and support that can make treatment even more affordable.

It’s simple for employers to provide employees with savings that keeps them healthy and working with RxLink. The program is automatically delivered by SMS. Best of all, these benefits are delivered at no cost to the employer or the patient.  

RxLink also partners with other organizations and health systems to deliver savings to their members and patients, all at no cost and with minimal effort on the part of the partner. 

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Example savings assume the following medications, refilled on a monthly basis, aligned with the National Institutes of Health Guidelines for the treatment of severe asthma: Albuterol inhaler (a SABA, 90 mcg, 200 metered inhalations,) Breo Ellipta (a LABA/ICS, 200/25 mcg, 30 actuations,) Prednisone Tablets (a systemic oral steroid, 5 mg, 30 tablets.) Example savings for Fasenra reflects retail price for one 1 ml syringe (30 mg/mL) at $11,578.96 and price with RxLink discount at $5,591.95. All retail and RxLink discounted prices based on pricing at CVS Pharmacy in Chicago, IL, 60603.